Benefits and features of the new cutting unit with positive logic reject installed on CAM blister machines:

Good blisters only

The new cutting unit born in Partena S.p.a. (CAM Group), leader in the construction and design of blister and thermoforming machines, deposits only good blisters on the outfeed belt. A careful study and design made it possible to guarantee high quality product, easy and quick format change-over, operational safety and new logic of the reject system.

Product quality

The precision and centering of the cut are guaranteed by an intelligent automatic system, equipped with sensors that read the position of the cavities. The quality and flatness of the blister are guaranteed even in the event of machine stop. In this way, the blisters that remain in the yielding rollers are not deformed.

Easy and quick format change-over

Partena has designed and developed the new cutting unit by limiting the format parts. Formats with the same cutting die, for example, share the same trailing group and for standard-sized blister packs the outfeed belt has an adjustable position which adapts without the need to build and replace format parts.

Simplicity and repeatability of the format change are guaranteed by settings on the operator panel settings and by graduated systems. The safety of the rejection is ensured by a special barrier sensor that does not need programming by the user.

Safety of correct operation

The electronics used allows the continuous control of absorption and torque increases, for example due to excessive wear. The reporting of these anomalies ensures that the mechanics of machine are preserved.

The movements of the cutting unit are also completely independent from the rotation of the main shaft.

SLP automatically corrects its speed and allows phase stops before the machine stops, by limiting the number of blisters released on the belt at each stop.

The new logic of the reject system

The system, known as SHIFT REGISTER, has information about the product after the check and is managed by the PLC rather than by the vision system. This therefore allows an interface with a greater number of vision system suppliers.


Partena’s new feeding system advantages:

A wide range of pharmaceutical products

The feeder is able to process all pharmaceutical products in blister packs: round tablets, oblong tablets, capsules and oval coated pills. The reduced length of the channel where the products are stacked allows to treat even the tablets that may be trapped in traditional feeding systems.

Free choice on the blister layout

The product can be fed into the blister following all the possible angles of the cavity and the blister layout is not compulsory. The packaging material could be of any type of plastic or aluminum. The layout does not affect the feeding speed.

A higher feeding speed

All the products of a stroke are fed at the same time, this means an increase in speed compared to the traditional feeding systems.

Easy settings

All the elettronic settings can be programmed on the operator panel.

Easy and quick format change-over

All the settings of the feeding format are saved in the software and therefore the passage from one format to another is simplified as much as possible: once replaced the format parts, the feeder automatically sets itself in the preset positions and no skilled operators or training are necessary.

Easy cleaning

All the parts that are in contact with the product and need to be cleaned are completely separated from the mechanical system. The format parts are easily removable without any tools.

Interchangeable with the traditional feeders

The feeding motorization system is located inside the machine feeding area but can be easily and quickly moved backward to allow all Partena’s feeding systems to be fitted: this allows to use any existing machines’ previous format.

Retrofitting possibility

The new feeder can be fitted on existing nMx and MK33 machines after appropriate modifications.